How do girls choose handbags?


A handbag, that is, a hand-held bag. When choosing a handbag, girls should choose it according to their body shape. For petite girls, don't carry a handbag that can cover your entire body. Choosing small and medium-sized bags will be more suitable. For tall girls, don't choose small and exquisite bags, as these bags can instantly unbalance your body proportions, so choosing a large or oversized handbag is the best choice.

When choosing a handbag, girls should not only pay attention to whether the size of the handbag matches their own body shape, but also choose from the perspective of practicality, matching possibilities, and appearance.

The practicality of handbags: Girls like handbags because they need them. Girls' cosmetics, power packs, keys, mobile phones and other items should be able to be put into handbags. In summer, they will also be equipped with sunscreen spray, sunglasses, and umbrellas.

Possibility of matching handbags: When a girl dresses well, she always feels something is missing even though the clothes are beautiful. Now the bag can shine on the stage. Wearing a plain color can match a brightly colored bag. If the clothes on your body are already bright and colorful, choosing a light colored bag is more harmonious. Black, white, nude, and camel colored bags are more commonly paired and less prone to errors. Different styles of clothes can be paired with different styles of bags. Bags can make their own plain wear become a highlight.

Appearance of handbags: Many handbags have a very good sense of design, simple and generous. Especially for big brand designs, it's not unreasonable to be expensive. Some bags are really beautiful and can make people love them.